By joining us as a property buyer, you will be able to define your property requirements, by type (e.g. plot, conversion, HMO, renovation), location and price, and we will send every property we find which match your criteria. All our properties have a level of analysis performed, making it easier to ascertain the likely dynamics, saving you a massive amount of time searching and also trying to understand the local market. If you ultimately buy a property we send you, you will need to pay us a 2% finders fee. Naturally, the potential of the properties we find, easily justifies the fee. You simply gain access to property opportunities, from which you would normally be excluded.

Our property finders can often help you with other aspects of the project, if required, as they all have a local network of property professionals.

The typical opportunity types we find, are listed below.

  • New houses and flats from existing land and property
  • Converting existing property into incremental homes
  • Additional storeys, including basements
  • Converting property, such as offices, shops and storage, into houses and flats
  • Changing the use of houses into multi-occupancy
  • Option contracts

If you are interested in being sent the opportunities we find, simply complete our contact form with your details and requirements.