It is relatively straighforward to make money from seemingly ordinary land and property, whether you have investment or not. Finding viable land and property in your local area attracts sizeable fees and profit shares from our investors; they are eager to gain access to the opportunities you find, for both yield and profit. A true win-win. When you join us as a Finder, we will train you to locate and analyse each opportunity type, and then connect these with our Investors. From May, you will also have access to our new web portal, the first of its kind, which will immediately link ‘properties with potential’ to our Investors.

We have prior experience of building very successful property finding and buying networks, and we are now growing an innovative new version of this business model. This is a strong win-win business for both our trained Finders and our property buying network. We connect people with the skills and time, to people with the genuine investment and motivation.

Our next Finder training is in May 2017. Contact us now.

By joining us as a Finder, you are also helping to provide much needed housing, whilst at the same time, earning fees and profit shares. We have previously found that local people with some spare time can be remarkably effective at finding innovative and valuable property opportunities. You will soon be able to find additional value in seemingly ordinary properties. You may wish to just find properties and earn from our buyer network, or progress to co-investment or self-investment too with us too. Finders trained and supported by us have progressed to earn from £8,000 to £90,000 per opportunity.

We recognise you may wish to take yourself further into this business opportunity after you join us, so we offer optional further training and support, so you can also find and earn from more complex property opportunities. You can join us for as little as £1495. Our training and support has 4 distinct Levels, the first 2 Levels ensure you have a deep understanding of the current sought-after property types, and how to find and analyse them.

As you progress and earn, you might want to undertake Level 3 where our in-house planning specialist takes you through planning permission policy and how to interpret this for improved opportunity and profit. At this Level, you also gain access to our branded owner and agent headed letters, as your skills and commitment will have increased.  Level 4 takes you to our highest training and support level, where you undertake a full logistical, planning and financial appraisal of a complex property opportunity, and thereafter achieve accreditation with us. This opens-up risk free profit share opportunities for you, with the projects that you propose and we buy. For a fuller description of our training, support and added benefits click here.

The typical opportunity types that are abundant in the UK, in which we train and support you, are listed below:

  • Holiday lets
  • High yield opportunities
  • Converting  existing properties to Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s)
  • Single and multiple building plots
  • Conversion to flats OBRdriveway
  • Additional storeys, creating more housing
  • Converting commercial property, such as offices, shops and storage, into houses and flats
  • Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s)

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